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Get to know A Bit About Britain - an idiosyncratic view of places to visit in Britain, British history - and stuff. Warts and all. Where shall we go today? Visit the new site


Mike Biles, A Bit About Britain
Hi - Thanks for visiting A Bit About Britain.  I'm Mike.

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  1. Great blog! Just found you through Facebook - love your articles and photos!

  2. Good grief, I even like your 'About' page! I will be checking through older posts for info on places we are planning to go in March. I so appreciate the information, the humor, and the photos.

    1. You always say the nicest things, CM. Let me know if I can help with ideas for your trip.

  3. What a fascinating blog, Mike! And such pretty pictures! :)

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  5. Nice stuff on your blog - lots of places I've been and lots more I haven't! I've just included a link to here on my newly launched History Anorak blog because I like your approach. I expect I'll be a (semi) regular visitor. Oh, and if I'm a 'no follow' blogger would you let me know, please? Because I don't intend to be!

  6. A castle and a bit of curmudgeoning? Who could resist.


Hi - thanks for dropping into A Bit About Britain. New material is now being posted to and most of the material here will gradually be updated and moved over to that new site. Please drop in there, click on the blog page, and take a look round. TTFN - Mike.