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Thursday, 24 October 2019

This blog is closing

This blogger/blogspot site will be permanently deleted in December. If you are still following it – thank you.  But if you are interested in Britain, its history, heritage and places to visit, please now go to the A BitAbout Britain website

A Bit About Britain

A Bit About Britain is constantly evolving.  It currently contains 400 pages and posts of often useful information and trivial articles, an attraction directory which lists 700 places/items of interest and hundreds of photographs – some of them good.

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A Bit About Britain, Mike Biles

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Hi - thanks for dropping into A Bit About Britain. New material is now being posted to and most of the material here will gradually be updated and moved over to that new site. Please drop in there, click on the blog page, and take a look round. TTFN - Mike.