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Friday, 3 February 2017

Notice to followers – please read this

A Bit About Britain

Last May, a new website and blog was launched at  Old posts from THIS blog (ie the Blogger one you are reading now) are gradually being updated and moved to the new blog HERE.  But if you are still following A Bit About Britain by email on this blog (ie the Blogger one you are reading now), you will occasionally receive emails of old posts (the clue is in the date). Apologies – I have no control over this; it sometimes happens when posts are deleted.

Nothing new is happening at the blog you are reading now.  

But plenty is happening at the new blog.

Please visit the new A Bit About Britain blog and sign up for emails there, if you haven’t already. You simply need to enter your email address where shown and then approve the authentication email that will be sent to you. That’s it.  You will then receive an email every time a new post is launched. You can stop following anytime – though of course I hope you won’t.

You can also follow A Bit About Britain by copying and pasting this URL - -  into Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin’, Feedly – or whatever your following preference is. 

Wordpress users can follow via their Wordpress feed.

Whatever people think, it is not difficult for Blogger users to follow non-Blogger sites – many of my Blogger friends do – and leave comments on posts if they want to. 

You will also find A Bit About Britain on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest – though these are never as up to date as the site itself and include different content.

Because nothing new is happening at the blog you are reading now, FOLLOW THE 'NEW' BLOG and consider ‘unfollowing’ this one. You might also want to bookmark A Bit About Britain on your browser.

If you click HOME on the new A Bit About Britain, you will notice there’s a little bit more to the site.  It includes a growing ATTRACTIONS DIRECTORY, for example, and a bit about BRITISH HISTORY (see the drop-down menu) - even COMPLETE LISTS OF MONARCHS and a bit about each one.  I am trying to develop a resource that people will find useful, and fun. It’s a slow process and there’s a lot to learn, but I need all the followers I can get to make it work – so I hope you will help by following!  

Thank you so much if you do.

All the best


PS If you want to get in touch directly, please use the contact page on A Bit About Britain.

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Hi - thanks for dropping into A Bit About Britain. New material is now being posted to and most of the material here will gradually be updated and moved over to that new site. Please drop in there, click on the blog page, and take a look round. TTFN - Mike.