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Friday, 27 May 2016

Moving on

Flowers for A Bit About Britain's reader

If you haven’t visited A Bit About Britain for awhile, you may not know that the blog has a new site – click A Bit About Britain’s blog.

Gradually, most of the content from the old site will be updated and moved across – so apologies if my regular reader is suffering a bit of repetition, so to speak.

Even more apologies to the regular reader who hasn’t heard from me for ages and ages…  I’m still struggling to get on top of comments and, for technical and other reasons, it will be a week or three before this starts to be resolved.  Meanwhile, I hope you like the flowers.

And new posts have been scheduled for A Bit About Britain.  Did I mention the new site?


  1. I visited the new site today. :-) Well Done!

  2. I view it also. Very nice.

  3. Already enjoying your new site.

  4. I think you've done brilliantly well with your new site - I really like it.

    Thanks for these flowers ... pink are my favourite colour!

    All the best Jan


Hi - thanks for dropping into A Bit About Britain. New material is now being posted to and most of the material here will gradually be updated and moved over to that new site. Please drop in there, click on the blog page, and take a look round. TTFN - Mike.