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Monday, 9 June 2014

Dunham Massey Gardens

Dunham Massey, one of northern England’s great country estates, is renowned for its gardens.  It is hard to think of a more pleasant way of spending an afternoon than strolling round this place.  We did just that with friends in early May.  There isn’t too much formality about Dunham Massey’s formal gardens and they don’t shout at you.  There are also acres of deer park - a popular place for families.  Here's a taster - 

Fallow deer, Dunham Massey, Altrincham

Deer, oh deer, oh deer.

Bluebells, woodland, Dunham Massey


Dunham Massey, rabbits, wildlife

Bunnies.  There are lots of them.

Garden borders, Dunham Massey


Pieris, Dunham Massey, gardens, park

A noble woodland Pieris.

Rhododendron, Dunham Massey Garden

White rhododendron (also in pink).

Tulips, Dunham Massey, spring.

Tulips.  They always remind me of Max Bygraves; unfortunately.  Take small rodents, sugar, pectin… and you’ll get tulips from hamster jam.

Fountain, Dunham Massey, Cheshire, gardens, North West England

A fountain.

As you can see, the weather wasn’t fantastic – but it was still a wonderfully stress-draining place to be.  Allegedly, it has Britain’s largest winter garden.  And there’s an enormous rose garden that could be a real sensory experience at the right time of year.

Also – checkout Stamford Military Hospital.


  1. Beautiful even in a less than ideal day weatherwise.

  2. Looks like a very nice one to walk round

  3. Your bunnies are brown. I think ours are gray and some white. Love the shot of the borders.

  4. Great borders, it looks a great place to visit. Thanks for the tips for York, unfortunately the work visit went on longer than we wanted it to so missed out on your tips - will have to do that on my own. However, managed to have a walk around Bishopsthorpe Palace grounds (going through photos now to pick some out!). Enjoy the rest of your week :-)

  5. A good German Shepherd would help decrease that surplus bunny population. (Just kidding.) Looks like a good place to visit after landing in Manchester.

  6. Beautiful gardens and I particularly like the fountain and the way the grass grows to the edge of the water in a perfect circle.

  7. Looks a like a nice peaceful and colourful place.
    I'm always looking for an alternative lunch stop on a North and Mid Wales trip in the area other than Chester.


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